Asian Food Quiz

Just for a little fun, check out this food quiz and test yourself on all things Asian food. The answers are at the bottom of the page, No cheating.

01 – What name is given to the Japanese dish of thinly sliced meat and vegetables, all cooked together at the table?

02 – What popular British dish actually gets its name from the Tamil for sauce?

03 – What is Bombay duck?

04 – From which country does the pickled vegetable dish known as Kimchi originate?

05 – Literally meaning “Heart’s Delight”, what name is given to the small filled dumplings often served as a starter in Chinese restaurants?

06 – What are the FIVE spices used in Chinese Five Spice Seasoning?

07 – Regarded by many in Asia as the “King of Fruits”, what is this foul smelling fruit called?

08 – We call it an aubergine, the Americans an eggplant, what do the Japanese call this vegetable?-

09 – Originating in the USA what is the Chinese dish of mixed vegetables and meat in a brown sauce usually served with rice called?

10 – From which plant is the widely used spice saffron obtained?

11 – What is the name given to the clarified butter used in Indian cooking?

12 – What is Phrik Tai in a Thai restaurant?

13 – The nest of which bird is used to make Bird’s Nest Soup?

14 – What are the thick Japanese noodles made from wheat flour called?

15 – The flavour enhancer MSG is used extensively in Chinese cuisine, what does MSG stand for?

16 – Often served with sushi what is Wasabi?

17 – To which vegetable does Aloo refer in Indian cookery?

18 – What is the name of the Japanese rice wine?

19 – What is the Chinese dumpling stuffed with meat or vegetables and often served in a clear broth called?

20 – What is the name of the iron griddle often used in Japanese cooking?

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01 – Sukiyaki.
02 – Curry.
03 – A Fish.
04 – Korea.
05 – Dim Sum.
06 – Cinnamon, Cloves, Fennel, Star anise and Szechwan Peppercorns.
07 – Durian.
08 – Nasu.
09 – Chop Suey.
10 – Crocus.
11 – Ghee.
12 – Black Pepper.
13 – The Swiftlet.
14 – Udon.
15 – Mono Sodium Glutamate.
16 – Japanese Horseradish.
17 – Potato.
18 – Sake.
19 – Wonton.
20 – Teppan.