Biryani – The Feast of Indian Kings and Nawabs

For most of the people, Biryani is nothing but rice cooked with herbs, spices and meat. But, in reality this cuisine is much more than just mixing rice and spice. You would be surprise to know that Biryani is one cuisine which is cooked in many different ways in almost every state in India.

Biryani was discovered in Persia and was brought in India by the Mughals. Hyderabadi biryani and Lucknowi biryani are the most loved biryani versions in India. Still there are many rare types of this tasty rice dish which we would love to discuss in this article.

So let’s take you to the aromatic journey of Biryani.

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Mughlai Biryani: This is considered as the king of all types of Biryani. Mughlai Biryani was an innovation in Mughal kitchen and till this date, it’s cooked in the most authentic way so you get to taste the cuisine which is ages old.

Lucknowi Biryani: Came from the land of Nawabs, this Biryani is a milder version of Mughlai Biryani. Made with very less spices, it still has a very rich taste and completely divine to eat.

Hyderabadi Biryani: The Nizam of Hyderabad was a fussy person when it comes to his food. So, he got his own style of Biryani which is now popularly called as Hyderabadi Biryani. You can find this cuisine mostly in the Sothern part of India. Beware to those who are counting calories – its spicy and too rich in taste.

Kolkata Biryani: Here the Biryani gets not only mild in taste but you will find that it contains more potato in it than meat. This was originated when the Nawab was exiled in Kolkata and during those days, meat was scare. So, to give it a rich taste, fried potatoes were used in Biryani.

Tahiri: This is the vegetarian version of biryani and is cooked in most parts of Uttar Pradesh. As most of the Indians were Hindu and can’t eat meat, they created a vegetarian version of biryani called Tahiri. It’s mild, contains very less spices yet really good in taste.

Malabar Biryani: This is a less popular biryani consumed in most parts of Kerala. Malabar Biryani contains meat pieces which are first marinated in spices and deep fried before adding them in rice.

Bhatkali Biryani: This is more of a Konkan based biryani. Mostly eaten in many parts of Bombay, Bhatkali Biryani is cooked in onion gravy with rice and meat.

Kacchi Biryani: This Biryani is called “kacchi” as it’s cooked with raw meat. Most of the Biryani is prepared by mixing boiled rice with cooked meat with lots of spices. But, in Kacchi Biryani, rice is mixed with spices first and then raw meat is put in the bowl and cooked till meat is cooked and flavored.

So, here are the few versions of the most popular rice dish called “Biryani. There are nearly 26 types of Biryani cooked in India and every version comes with the slight different taste. Pick the one you like and enjoy the spicy rice mix served with roasted meat.

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