Egg Foo Young – A Story of Chinese American Cuisine

On every Chinese takeaway menu, you find one dish which catches every single person’s attention – “Egg Foo Young”.

This bizarre name dish is made from egg and looks more like pancakes. But, it taste completely different in other countries compared to its native country Shanghai. The name Egg Foo Young is derived from Cantonese language where “fu” means egg slices.

Versions of Egg Foo Young are served with vegetables or shrimp, pork, chicken and even lobster. This omelet looking dish is served with brown thick sauce in Asian countries, but when you go to west, the taste becomes more subtle. The best part of this dish is you can mix everything in this and still it will taste good. Its healthy, yummy to eat and can be prepared easily.

asian-egg-foo-young-foo-yung-芙蓉蛋;-fooyung-egg-chinese--omelette -chicken-beansprouts asian-egg-foo-young-foo-yung-芙蓉蛋;-fooyung-egg-chinese-CHICKEN-omelette asian-egg-foo-yung-chinese-food

There are many versions to prepare Egg Foo Young. Some of the recipes are included below:

Shanghai Egg Foo Young: It’s an authentic version of Egg Foo Young usually served on the streets of Shanghai. For this you need eggs, bean sprouts, ground pork, shrimp, scallion, oyster sauce, Shaoxing wine, sesame oil, pepper, sugar, soya sauce, salt and oil. Put the eggs in bowl and beat it with fork. Slowly add all the ingredients and make sure you keep mixing. Heat the pan and put some oil. Now, drop some mixture so you get a medium size omelet. Cook till its golden brown on both side and serve with soya sauce and steamed rice. If you look at the ingredients, it is easy to see that this version is more authentic as most of the ingredients used are also used in the staple diet of Shanghai.

Vegetable Egg Foo Young: For those who are looking for a healthier Egg Foo Young, will definitely enjoy this version as it contains lots of fresh vegetables. For this you can pick cabbage, carrots, capsicum, green onion, garlic, bean sprout, fresh cilantro and other vegetable of your liking. Heat a pan and put some oil. Roast all the vegetables with salt, pepper and soya sauce. Make sure they are nicely roasted not over cooked. Beat the eggs in a bowl and mix the vegetables when on room temperate. Heat the pan and pour the mixture. Cook it on both side till golden brown. See, it’s easy to cook and healthy too.

Chicken Egg Foo Young: Want to eat chicken in some different way, then Chicken Egg Foo Young should be one of the dishes in your recipe book. This recipe is really simple to cook and really tasty to it especially in winters. For this you need boneless chicken breast or thigh cut into small pieces, Shaoxing wine, black pepper, salt, chicken stock, cornstarch, oyster sauce, soya sauce, bean sprouts, small onion, scallions, eggs and oil. Take the chicken and mix it with Shaoxing wine and salt. Mix cornstarch in some chicken stock on a bowl. In sauce pan, heat the chicken broth and mix all sauces with pepper and corn starch mixture. Now cook the pieces of chicken in a pan with some oil until it’s perfectly cooked. Beat the eggs in a bowl and add all vegetables and chicken pieces. Take a pan and pour the mixture. Cook till its golden brown.

Hope you like this innovative version of Chinese Indonesian cuisine. This “lotus egg” recipe has made its mark in Western countries too. The best part about it is that you can cook it in different ways and still love its Asian taste.