Ethiopian Coffee by Types and Regions

A little Tour of Ethiopian Coffee Regions and Types

ethiopian coffee - jabena pot

There are many regions in Ethiopia that produce unique tasting coffees. They are all Arabica strains and not robusta. They are sometimes wet processed (washed), sometimes dry processed (usually indicated by a “DP”). The dry processed beans tend to be more fruity.

The Harrar coffee region is probably the most well-known. It has a fruity, blueberry aroma, as well as spice and liquorice.
The Ethiopian Sidamo coffee region (Yirgacheffes) is also well-known. Some notable examples are Sidamo, Idido Misty Valley (IMV), Lekempti, and your garden variety Yirgacheffe, also spelled Yergecheffe.

The Sidamo Dry Process (DP) is known for it’s fruit punch characteristics. known for it’s raspberry and strawberry overtones. Lekempti can have mango, tangerine, citrus, and tropical fruit characteristics. Your standard Yirgacheffe is traditionally known for lemon and citrus.


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