Ethiopian Coffee origins – Kaldi and His Goats


This is just one variation on the Kaldi story: More than a thousand years ago, Kaldi, an Abyssinian goat herder saw his goats acting a little strange. They were said to almost be dancing on their hind legs.

Further investigation, saw they were eating red cherries of some wild bushes. Intrigued, he tasted some, and soon knew why his goats were dancing about.

He collected several berries, took them to his wife, and she proclaimed them from God. She sent him off to the monastery to see the monks. The head monk proclaimed them the work of the devil. Throwing them onto the fire, the monastery soon filled with the aroma of roasting coffee, and the monks came out of the woodwork to find the source.

These monks salvaged the coffee beans, and in an effort to stamp out the embers, the monks crushed them. In an effort to preserve them, they were placed in a large pitcher with hot water. The monks drank the hot brew that night, and vowed they would drink the mixture every day.

There are many other legends, but we like this one the best. 

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