Ethiopian Cooking – Ethiopian pots and dishes


Ethiopian clay Pots and Dishes
There are several different types dishes used to serve Ethiopian food.

The main 3 are:

01 – A tall clay dish, which hot charcoal is placed under to keep the upper level hot.
This is usually used for Tibs but you can use it for any dry (none sauce) food.

02 – A clay pot with a cover and single handle. This is mainly used for Shiro but again is good for other wet sauce dishes.

03 – A open fairly flat dish, used mostly for Kitfo.

There are several other types but the above are the most common. These clay dishes are widely available in Ethiopia. The usual method is they are sold in a red terracotta colour and at this stage are fairly fragile. Once you get them home they are put in a fire to burn, this sets them and they become much stronger and as they become black.

These Ethiopian Pots and Dishes are the perfect companion to your Ethiopian Cooking adding an authentic feel to the Ethiopian Recipes you can find on this site: