Habesha Restaurant – Bangkok, Thailand

Habesha Ethiopian Restaurant Sukhumvit Soi 3, Soi Nana Bangkok, Thailand

So we are in Bangkok Thailand as part of our food finding mission and guess what, An Ethiopian Restaurant.

Now we had know idea that one would exist. Any way without delay we got ourselves over to the Ethiopian eatery. Now that in self was a bit of a mission as on a few web searches we found the address to be wrong. Tripadvisor for a start has the old address. See below for the correct address.

So finally get to the street, it is busy and i mean busy (much like a lot of Bangkok), locate the place and walk in. We are hit by a wall of sound, speakers all over the place, playing Ethiopian music streaming (or screaming should i say) from the web. Now do we like music yes, do we like really loud music, yes sometimes, do we like distorted loud music, well of course that would be a no.

This place is for sure not up market, it is fairly big but for sure not romantic or anywhere near what you would call upmarket.

So the menu kind of looks ok but from the vibe thus far is making us think, it may not be that good.

We order Doro Wot, Gomen and Fasolia and cross our fingers.

It arrives and looks bloody tasty… Hang on lets give it a try.

On the money, the real deal and all that jazz. Food is great, vibe is not.

If you are ever in Bangkok and are missing a bit of Ethiopia, then this is the place, in fact its the only place.

Just to add ordered Buna (Ethiopian Coffee) and again it was superb, came in a Jabena (coffee pot) with incense burning and a plate of Kolo.

ethiopian recipes - doro wot injera chicken ethiopian coffee pot - jabana buna

Sort the vibe out a bit folks, get the service on the go and you have the makings of a great place to eat.

This place is too real, if you know what i mean. It would be well placed in Addis Ababa. Outside of Ethiopia people still need a bit of encouragement and help.
A few more cultural bits n bobs about the place and it will for sure bring them in, your food is great.

It was strange and brilliant though to be eating Injera in the middle of Bangkok.

Visit: Habesha Restaurant Sukhumvit Soi 3, Soi Nana Bangkok, Thailand.
Call: (+66) 080-045-4817
Web: http://ethiopianrestaurantbangkok.weebly.com/