History of Indian Street Food

Indian food is known for the “Curries” in the western world but frankly this big nation has lots to offer when you talk about food.

Most of the tourists visiting India are advised to avoid any street food as they are unhygienic and can lead to many health issues.

Well, yes that is true but there are many places where you can enjoy good Indian street food. I believe that street food is the real replica of authentic food practices in the country or specific part of the country. With India, every state boasts about its local street food that can be a treat to the taste buds.

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So let’s start the journey from the top:

North India: The street food of North India is somewhat like its people, loud, big and warming. The one food that every North Indian loves to eat is “Chaat”. This is a tasty street snack which has a crispy potato patties with some gravy, chutney and lots of spices. One spoon of chaat can fill your mouth with different flavors and that is a guarantee. Other popular street foods in Northern part of India are paratha, chole kulche, and rajma chawal.

Kolkata: This state takes all the pride in serving different sort of fish curries and dishes around the street. If you are visiting Kolkata, do try chingri malai curry with luchi and puchka. Rosugula and Misti Dohi are one of the most popular sweets of this city. But, if you are really into experimenting authentic Bengali street food, try puchka – a ball made of refined flower stuffed with potato and tang water. It may be really difficult to eat but if you want to achieve something, you must take a chance.

Bombay: This metropolitan city will be completely lost without its authentic bhelpuri, vada pav, maska bun, sev usal and pav bhaji. For all those foodies who dare to eat the street food can visit “Juhu Chaupati”, a sea side location truly dedicated to authentic street food of Amchi Mumbai.

Gujarat: Street food in Gujarat is quite mild and sweet. The authentic street food consists of dhokla, khaman, fafda, gathiya and handva. These street foods are made from different grains and mostly cooked in steam. For all those people who monitor their calorie intake can enjoy Gujarati snacks without any worry.

South India: The Southern part of Indian consists of many different states but the street food offered in these regions is alike. Medu vada, idli, dosa served with sambhar and chutney can be easily spotted in most of the cities in southern India. For non-vegetarian lovers, there are fried prawns, chicken curry served with pulav or Parotta (layered flat bread made in authentic south Indian style) is a must try. But, be warned most of the South Indian street food is really spicy, so better carry a few bottles of water and sweets with you.

Indian street foods are so diverse that they can never be covered in one single article. The best part about the street food is the way it’s made by experimenting with authentic dishes. The best way to enjoy any street food is to look for a place that offers hot food with clean surroundings. Also, carry your own water bottle purchased from a decent shop. Never ever drink water served on street food stalls as they are mostly contaminated. By keeping a few things in mind, anyone can enjoy the authentic Indian street food without suffering from diarrhea or any other food related diseases later.