Indian Breads – An Essential Part of Indian Cooking

Breads are the most essential part of Indian meal. But, unlike breads cooked around the world, Indian breads are thin and cooked from various flour.

The most common type of bread in Indian cooking is roti or paratha. The bun in India is called “Pav” which is mostly eaten with dishes like pav bhaji or vada pav.

The best part of Indian breads is that it’s healthy to eat, can be easily cooked and remains fresh for long time. Also, you can many variations of Indian bread. Some of these variations are listed below.

Indian Breads and Parathas

Chapati/Phulka: This is the most common version of Indian bread cooked in almost every home in India. Made from wheat flour, it’s nourishing, light and easy to cook. To cook roti a plain dough is made and divided into equal parts. These parts a rolled between palms to get a smooth shape of ball later pressed flat by dusting it with flour so it can be easily spread when rolled. Once the bread get circular shape, it’s cooked on tava or a grill.

Parathas: It’s more like a stuffed flat bread mostly eaten on the northern part of India. Parathas are generally mild spicy and stuffed with vegetables or meat. The most popular parathas in Indian are Aloo Paratha, Paneer Paratha, Gobi Paratha, Mooli Paratha, Palak Paratha, Methi (Fenugreek) Paratha, Onion Paratha, Sugar Paratha, Channa Dal paratha, Lauki Paratha, Egg Paratha, Sattu Paratha, Lachha Paratha, and Kerala Paratha. Too many options to try in a year.

Poori: This is fried Indian bread. The dough used in to make poori is quite similar to the roti. The only difference is the oil contain in the dough. Also, poori is quite small and is deep fried. Poori is mostly served on occasions in India. Masala Poori is one the most popular version as it contains lot of spices.

Tandoori Roti: This flat bread is cooked in a rustic oven called Tandoor which is made from special clay and grass. Tandoori Roti is mostly eaten in Punjab and commonly server with vegetarian and non-vegetarian curries.

Kulcha: Commonly eaten in most parts of Indian and Pakistan, Kulcha is made from refined flour. If you visit the Northern part of India, you can find many street vendors selling a spicy street food named cholle kulcha. Other version like paneer kulcha or aaloo kulcha is also made in many places.

Bhatura: This is fried version of tandoori roti. Bhatura is also made from refined flour but the dough of Bhatura is made by using curd to form natural yeast in dough. Later is rolled flat and deep fried in hot oil. It is mostly served with channa masala.

Other forms of Indian breads are bajra roti, makki roti, bhakri, and jawar roti, each cooked by using different grain. Indian breads are rarely cooked by using yeast. That’s why they are healthier to eat and remains soft for longer period of time. Another reason behind the consumption of bread is the curry eaten in India. Most of the main dish either vegetarian or non-vegetarian comes with a thick gravy. Roti complements perfectly with Indian curries making it a complete meal. So, if you are bored of eating a regular bread, pick any simpler version of Indian bread and don’t forget to experiment to enhance the taste.