Indian Pickle and Chutney – How To Cook Great Food

Pickle and Chutney – The Taste Enhancers of Meals

It’s believed that no Indian meal can be complete without accompaniments which is spicy pickle and tangy chutney. You can easily find hundreds of varieties of pickles and chutneys in India. They are delicately spiced and go really well with Indian palate be it spicy, sweet or sour. Most of the chutneys cooked in India are made from fresh vegetables and fruits and served with fried snacks. Pickles on the other hand are cooked in large quantity in almost every home using seasonal fruits and vegetables.

Be it any country, every culture has a unique way to prepare their pickle which are enjoyed all-round the year. Indian pickles are the most loved because of their spicy and tangy taste. Pickles are generally eaten in small quantities with daily meals. Most the pickles are made by using natural preservatives like lemon juice, spices and oil so it can be stored for many months. You can easily find many spicy version of pickle but nowadays the sweeter options are also available in the market. Most popular pickle consumed in India as well exported all over the world is the Mango Pickle.
Most of these pickles are cooked in summer. These fruits and vegetables are finely cut and mixed with salt and spices and then dried in sun. Later they are flavored by oil and spices and stored in clay or glass jars for the whole year. These pickle recipes are passed from generation to generation by the women of the family.

Well this spicy add-on of Indian meal can be classified into two categories – first is made from blending fresh ingredients and spices while second is cooked chutney which are prepared on low heat till all flavors blend well together. Chutneys are enjoyed all over India and there are nearly more than 100 versions cooked here.

Some of the most popular chutneys includes:
Coriander Chutney: This is the spicy version of chutney cooked throughout the year and served with fried snacks. As the name suggests, it is made by using lot of freshly chopped coriander, peppermint leaves, green chili, lemon juice, sugar and salt. In winters some people use garlic and onion in coriander chutney and in summer’s fresh pieces of mango is used to give it more tangy taste.

Tamarind Chutney: A tangy, slightly spicy – Tamarind Chutney complements well with spicy dishes and mostly served with Coriander chutney to balance out the spices in dishes. It’s sweet and has slightly thick consistency. To make this chutney, dried tamarind is first soaked in hot water and then squeezed to get a thick puree. Then sugar or jaggery is added to nullify the sour taste. Dry spices like red chili powder, cumin powder is added with salt. This mixture is cooked on slow flame till the mixture gets think.

Coconut Chutney: The most popular chutney in South India, Coconut chutney is the most preferred accompaniment to spicy dishes like Masala Dosa, Utappam and Medu Vada. This chutney is made by blending freshly grated coconut, green chilies, ginger with some salt and sugar. It is then tempered with some mustard seeds, curry leaves and udad dal.

Tomato Chutney: This refreshing chutney has sweet and tangy taste and is cooked by using fresh tomatoes. To enhance the taste, a temper is made by adding some curry leaves, mustard, ginger and powdered spices. Tomato chutney can be served both hot as well as cold.
Chutneys and pickles are a must in any Indian meal as it has the power to turn a boring meal into an interesting one.

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