Indian Seafood Dishes – How To Cook Great Food Indian Collection

Indian Food is renowned all over the world for its lip smacking vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. Among non-vegetarian dishes – fish curries, tandoori fish, and fish tikkas are few names which are known for their delightful taste.

Most of the sea foods are consumed in Punjab, Kerala and Goa. Every Indian seafood recipe have very different taste. Some are cooked with light spices but other can really be too hot to handle. But, all the fish recipes are easy to cook, nutritious, healthy and taste divine.

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Most of the seafood consumed in India consists of fish, prawn, mackerel, Indian salmon, tuna, sardine, clam, lobster, and crab. So if you are a sea food lover, we are sure that you will surely fall for the fish exotically cook for your plate

So, hold on tight as we take you to the mouthwatering journey of the most favorite Indian Seafood Dishes:

Masala Fried Pomfret:

This dish defines the food pattern on Mumbai, India. Commonly called as paplets among locals, Masala Fried Pomfret is cooked with special spices whose aroma will make you temp to eat this beautiful tender yet spicy fish. The best way to enjoy this fried fish is by sharing with friends and a drink.

Meen Curry:

This fish curry is the most popular item of Kerala. Meen Curry is not much spicy in taste as it’s cooked in coconut milk which mellow down all the heat of spices. The traditional way to eat this fish curry is with simple boiled rice. If you don’t want to eat with rice, you can always have with some fresh bread.

Amritsari Fish:

This is a very famous street food on north India which is cooked with lots of spices and its deep fried. Amritsari Fish is named after the city where it was originated – Amritsar. It’s a great appetizer and most loved street food in Punjab. If you are trying Amritsari don’t forget to squeeze some lemon while serving Amritsari Fish as it enhance the taste of this crispy fish delight.

Maccher Jhol:

This is basically an authentic Bengali dish which is cooked in turmeric, onion garlic and grated ginger. Maccher Jhol is cooked in every Bengali household especially on the occasion of “Durga Puja”. It’s light to eat and is made with thick gravy. You can eat this with plain boiled rice or just take a bowl full of Maccher Jhol and dig-in.

Indian Tandoori Fish:

This rustic side dish and is good to eat especially in winter. For this cuisine, you have to marinate fish in curd with some mild spices and then cooked on tandoor. If you don’t have tandoor you can use grill to get the perfect rustic Indian Tandoori Fish.

Fish Biryani:

Most of the people who love eating Indian cuisine may know about Chicken Biryani but it’s time we tell about more amazing part of Indian rice dish – Fish Biryani. Fish Biryani is a Kerala based cuisine in which fish pieces are marinated and then cooked with rice on slow heat. If you are true sea food lover, don’t miss trying Fish Biryani.

Seafood is not only good in taste but they are much healthier option under non-veg food. Rich with omega-3 fatty acids and protein, consuming sea food on regular basis is good for your health. All you need to do is pick some fresh fish and try any of our recipes. Try it and we are sure you will love all our fancy Indian Fish Recipes.

Check out these other wonderful Indian Seafood dishes we have made video tutorials for: