Indian Vegetarian Food – No Meat Required

Food plays a very important role in Indian lifestyle. India is the land of Hindus who consider food to be equivalent to God. This is the reason why most of the Indians opt for a vegetarian diet.

In India, every state follows completely different traditions and customs. This can be easily seen in the way they cook their food. But, when it comes to religious fest, Indians cook only vegetarian dishes as it is considered as a sin to cook any kind of non-vegetarian dishes at home on the festive occasions.

Sweets are the integral part of every Indian cuisine and plays an important role on any religious occasion. It is said that a sweet cooked in clarified butter and sugar will give a sense of satisfaction to the God according to Indian traditions. So, whenever you visit any temple in India, you offer sweets to the Gods which in turn is served to all the devotees visiting the temple. Also, many temples serve the whole meal to the visitors especially to the poor.

Every item served in temples are vegetarian or vegan and cooked in dried spices such as turmeric powder, chili powder, coriander power and some other spices. The reason Indians use so many spices in their daily cooking is because of its health benefits. These spices are used in very small quantity but it proves to be very beneficial if taken on a regular basis as it wards off many common diseases like cough, cold and flu.

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So, here is the list of Vegetarian and Vegan Dishes which are super easy to cook and yet divine to eat:

Almond Sheera:

Indians have a sweet tooth and one sweet dish which is prepared in every house is the Almond Sheera. It’s very simple to cook and is rich in beneficial fats, iron, vitamin B2 and protein. With just few ingredients like semolina, sugar, clarified butter, milk and lots of almond, you can easily prepare this sweet dish. It’s very healthy in winter and one of the most cooked sweet dish in India on most of the religious occasions.

Paneer Tikka Masala:

A rich savory curry which is loved by every Indian no matter where they are located in India or abroad. Paneer Tikka Masala is a North Indian dish and is cooked during festivals or family get-togethers. This curry is little spicy and contains cottage cheese and milk cream. If you are a vegan, then try replacing these two items with tofu and coconut milk. Though I won’t guarantee that it will give you the same rich taste.

Garlic Naan:

This is more like a fresh flat bread made from refined flour, soda and salt. Garlic Naan goes very well with the curry based dishes. It can be cooked in an oven or on grill. Mostly in India it’s cooked in Tandoor, an oven made from clay and dried grass. This item is most eaten in Punjab which is located on the Northern part of India. Naan is a flat bread and can be cooked with many variations, so if you want to try it with some different stuffing, don’t hesitate to experiment.

Medu Vada:

The South Indian dishes are also the most loved food in India. Most the culinary items of South India are light to eat and mostly are vegan as rice flour with some other pulses are normally used to cook various dishes. One such South Indian dish is Medu Vada. It is more like a spicy donut which is made from a slightly fermented rice flour with some onion and dried herbs. It’s a fried dish and yet very light to eat.


Now, this another very light vegan breakfast made from flattened rice. Poha is very light to eat and very easy to cook. Just add some onions and peas to it to make it healthier.

So, above are some of the Indian Vegetarian and Vegan food options which you can easily include in your daily diet. In India, food is very important as it is said that a good food can bring peace to your soul. So, next time if you want to experience spirituality through food then do try any of the above delicacies.

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