Lalibela Ethiopian Restaurant – London

lalibela ethiopian restaurant london

As i entered this north London restaurant, my first impression was simply Wow and this was just from the smell. The fresh coffee and frankincense that filled the whole place, immediately gave me a sense of being back in Addis Ababa.

My second Wow soon followed as i looked around to find a Ethiopian emporium of antiquities, with not a single inch of wall space free from some form of Ethiopian art, statue or Ethio point of interest. So i am on two wows and have not sat down yet.

Set on two floors with a large bar at the entry, most of the seating is upstairs with dining tables as well as more relaxed seating areas. After a look around i decided to take a table downstairs and by the main door.

This being more of a vantage point and attempt to see the traffic of customers as they entered. I did not wait very long for a steady stream of what seemed regulars coming through the door. So the menu arrived with a huge smile and again i was surprised at the size of choice on offer. The usual fair of traditional dishes was of course on offer as well as Doro Tibs with Avocado, Doro Tibs with Pumpkin and Tofu and Spinach Tibs to name just a few of the many variations of traditional dishes with a slight twist.

My food order was placed as was a St George beer. It arrived again with a smile and was it good? NO it was Fantastic. A small glass of Tej and Jabena coffee followed and two of us paid £48 ($72).

Was i happy? With two wows as above one more for the food another for the service that is four wows. Value for money, well let me put it this way, If you want to get similar food with this authentic surrounding, get yourself to Heathrow jump on flight to Bole (Addis Ababa) and you will find it.

This is the Real Deal.

Lalibela Ethiopian Restaurant
Address: 137 Fortess Road, London, NW5 2HR

MON-SAT 6pm-11.30pm 
SUNDAY 6pm-10pm

Phone: 0207 284 0600