Lucy Restaurant – Addis Ababa Ethiopia

addis ababa restaurants - lucy

A well named eatery as it is housed next door to one of the main museums in Addis Ababa that houses the remains of the famous skeleton of Lucy. Said to be one if not the oldest ever found.

It is a smartish place and as above because it is next to a main tourist attraction has a good few camera holding clients. It is also a hang out for the smarter Addis Ababa residents and from what i could see a few NGOs.

The menu is big from fish to pizza to salads and of course local Ethiopian food.

The setting is in a courtyard type of arrangement, with a large cosy covered middle outside section with smaller rooms at the sides.
It is not cheap for Addis Ababa but the food is good and of course because it is a bit of a tourist trap the prices reflect this.
Would i eat there again – Yes a nice cosy if some what busy hang out.

Lucy Gazebo and Restaurant
Address: King George VI St, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia