Must Try Food in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka, an island country, shares fairly similar food to its neighbouring country India, but still holds a distinct flavour in its cuisines. With the years of colonisation and influence from other countries, Sri Lankan people happily adapted the different flavours and blended this change in their curries to bring out some really tasty dishes.

The one thing which differentiates Sri Lankan food from the Indian one is the use of different spices and coconut. Also, compared to India, the fried food is quite popular among people in this country.

Being an Island, Sri Lanka enjoys a tropical climate, coconuts, fresh seafood and exotic fruits all because of its untouched island beauty. The components which influence Sri Lankan cuisine is the fish, coconut and fragrant spices. Fish curries are consumed on a daily basis and mostly served with plain rice or breads which are somewhere similar to paratha’s in India.

So, grab your bread or bowl of rice to enjoy the spicy food of the magnificent island Sri Lanka.
Go ahead and grab yourself a paratha and sit back to check out these 7 foods that you can’t miss when you’re in Sri Lanka!

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Fish Curry:

The one aspect which can notice in a Sri Lankan’s meal is a healthy fish curry with a plate filled with rice. If it’s not the fish, then a vegetable curry made is similar fashion is consumed on a daily basis.

Deviled Sweet and Sour Fish Curry:

As mentioned above, Sri Lankan people love to eat food with strong flavours. Here, deep fried fish is cooked a sweet and sour sauce and cooked again with red onions, a lot of red chili and served with flat bread on side to balance the spiciness.

Sri Lankan Dhal Curry:

Commonly called as Parippu, Dhal curry is consumed daily by the locals when they are not having fish. The dhal consists of red lentils cooked with a bunch of spices and few spoons of coconut milk to give the stew a rich flavour.

Jackfruit Curry:

One fruit which can be easily spotted in the Sri Lankan market is Jack Fruit. Polos, a famous Sri Lankan curry is made from unripe jackfruit. The fruit is cut into small chunks and cooked in fragrant spices to give this dish a unique taste.

Gotukola Sambol:

This a local Sri Lankan salad made from Gotukola, a small leafy vegetable found here. Finely slicing this green vegetable, it’s mixed with fresh coconut flesh, onion, spices and a good squeeze of lemon. Crisp and really refreshing if you want to avoid fried food or fish curries for a day.

Beetroot Curry:

People here are really looking for the maximum nutritive value of their meal which can be seen in their Beetroot curry. This bland vegetable is sliced and cooked till soft, then added with lots of cinnamon and curry leaves to give the curry a burst of flavour. So, next time, if you think of Beets as a boring vegetable, try cooking it in a Sri Lankan style.

Vegetable Kottu:

A very popular street food that is made from shredded pieces of Sri Lankan godamba roti, a giant fried flat bread filled with stir fried vegetables and meat cooked in spices. If you feel the need to moisten this local hamburger, ask of a curry sauce to get more blast of flavour in the mouth.

Sri Lanka is a melting pot of tasty cuisines for all those people who love enjoying good food in the midst of natural beauty. If you ever been to Sri Lanka or tasted the food, do share with us for sure.