Raita – A Cooling Tasty Treat from India

Raita is basically a yogurt based dish often served as a side dish with the main course dishes like Biryani and Paratha in India.

The popular version of Indian Raita is made from vegetable, fruit and boondi – a fried snack. Raita can be salty, sweet and savory. Most of the Indian cooking is done by using different spices which makes the dishes really spicy. To balance the Indian food platter, raita is served. It acts as a soothing agent while eating any spicy delicacy. Yogurt is very beneficial to health as it gives soothing sensation to stomach and by adding vegetables or fruits, this side dish becomes healthier to eat.

Indians love to eat variety of Raita all-round the year and in this article we are sharing the list of the most loved raitas in India:

Boondi Raita: Commonly eaten in the North India, Boondi Raita is spiced yogurt made by using boondi – small fried gram flour balls.

Vegetable Raita: This is most common raita made in Indian homes. It’s the easiest way to make everyone eat fresh vegetables in a tasty way. If you have few left over vegies, try this and you can make a really tasty side dish.

Cucumber Raita: As the name suggest, this raita is made by using cucumber, salt, sugar, and some roasted cumin powder.

Fruit Raita: This is the sweet version of raita made from fruits like apple, banana and grapes with some sugar. If you want to use any citric fruit in the raita, make sure to add them last minute as they can turn your side dish really sour.

Palak Raita: This raita is made from spinach. All you need a few leaves of fresh blanched spinach, salt and crushed pepper.

Mint Coriander Raita: This form of raita can be mostly seen if you are eating outside in India. Served with hot paratha (stuffed flat bread), it is made with yogurt, fresh mint leaves, coriander leaves, salt, pepper and bit of sugar.

Pineapple Raita: A fruity delight for those who love to eat sweet but are too conscious about calories. Pineapple Raita has the natural sweetness of milk and pineapple fruit. You can also add pomegranate to make it look more colorful.

Beetroot Carrot Raita: This bright colored flavored yogurt is made from two bland vegetables – beetroot and carrot. All you need is to grate both the vegetables, blanch them and mix in yogurt with some black pepper power, roasted cumin powder, and salt.
Mango Raita: Often cooked in summers in most part of the India, Mango Raita is sweet yet very soothing in hot summer days. Get a ripe mango cut in thin small slices, cardamom, some sugar, and saffron to give this side dish a royal taste.

Burhani Raita: This is a Hyderabadi cuisine made from yogurt flavored with red chili powder, roasted cumin powder and garlic. This has a very unique taste and goes very well with dum biryani.
Every Indian cuisine is cooked in a scientific manner so the person eating the food can get maximum health benefits from the dish. Raita is very simple dish to prepare and it has many health benefits. It’s healthy, acts as a cooling agent in harsh summers, and contains very less calorie. I hope you enjoy eating this simple creamy side dish as the Indians do.

Raita is so easy to make and works so well with any curry, give these recipes ago.