Story of Traditional Bengali Food

Bengali food is known for its scrumptious cuisines.

Every single dish is made by a fabulous use of “Panchphoron” a mix of five essential spices – mustard, fenugreek, aniseeds, black cumin seeds and cumin seeds. The specialty of this food is a great balance of sweet and spicy flavor in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. But, it would be wrong not to include the two items which is actually the main part of any Bengali cuisine; rice and fish.

Because of the geographical location, one can fine different types of fishes here but the popular ones are the Salmon, Hilsa, Bhekti, Magur, Carp, Rui and Prawns. It is said that a true Bengali can’t survive one day without eating fish cooked in an authentic Bengali style which includes a lot of spices and mustard oil.

Fish holds a very important place in a Bengali household. From a day to day meal to serving a fresh fish in plate to God on auspicious occasions, every house hold in Bengal loves to stock a good amount of fish in their house. Most of the people love eating fish in an authentic way which is frying it in a mustard oil but some who are health conscious opt for a simple steamed fish with light spices. Bengalis are also possessive about their sweets such as Rasgulla and MishtiDoi.

To give you a clear picture of authentic Bengali cuisine, here is the list of foods that are part of Bengal from generations:

Dimer DhokkarDalna and Luchi

A common Bengali delicacy made of steam eggs, potato cake in a spice filled curry served with beep fried bread. Must have if you want to enjoy local food of Bengal.


Vegetarians love this humble potato recipe tossed in the flavors of PanchPhoron mix of five aromatic spices, coconut paste and mustard oil. BhapaaAloo is known for its taste and spicy aroma which comes from mustard oil.

ChingriMalai Curry

Delicious River Prawns cooked in hot spices and then mellowed down by creamy coconut milk, ChingriMalai curry is must try for all those people who love sea food.

SorsebataIlish Mach

‘Hilsa’, most loved fish in Bengal is used for cooking traditional SorsebataIlish Mach. In this fish is marinated in a fine paste of poppy seeds, turmeric and panchphoron. Once all the flavors are soaked deep within the fish, it’s cooked on a low flame to enhance the pungent taste.

Bengali Lamb Curry

Tender lamb pieces marinated in yogurt and spices and then cooked in mustard oil, almonds and castor sugar to give a slight caramelized taste to whole dish. Bengali lamb curry is said to be food of rich people and mostly cooked on occasions.


Comforting fish curry which has really mild spices and served with plain rice. DoiMaach is a perfect food for those who wish to enjoy the subtle taste fish and yogurt.


Vegetarian delight, ChorChori is a mix vegetable curry made from potatoes, cauliflower, brinjal, and pumpkin cooked in famous panchphoron spice.


Crispy from outside and soft and spicy from inside, BaigunBhajja is loved snacks of Bengal often served with tangy tomato chutney.


A type of sweet Indian thin crepes stuffed with freshly grated coconut and jaggery. Very light and very tasty to eat.


Made from fresh cottage cheese and sugar, Sandesh is one of the most important sweets for any auspicious occasion. This sweet is delicate and practically melts in your mouth.