Sweet Potato: World’s Healthiest Food

Sweet Potato is the most preferred vegetable when you start dieting. This root vegetable is a super food packed nutrients and fiber. With each sweet potato, you get minerals like manganese, copper, folate and iron. Vitamin A, Vitamin C, B2, B6, E, biotin, and dietary fiber are also found in this root plant. These are enough reasons for you to consume Sweet Potato.

But for many, Sweet potato is a bland vegetable with slight sweet taste and gooey texture. But, we got some really amazing recipes which will make you eat sweet potatoes. All these recipes are easy to cook and healthy to eat.

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Healthy Sweet Potato Recipes

Sweet-Potato Wedges:
Having a craving for crispy French fries? Opt for healthier option – Sweet Potato Wedges. Take few sweet potatoes cut in long thin pieces. Put them in a bowl and drizzle some garlic flavor olive oil and salt. Bake it on 450° for 30 minutes in oven. Garnish with some fresh cut rosemary. Serve Hot…

Sweet Potato Casserole:
To make kids eat sweet potato can become the toughest task in the world. Well, convert your sweet potato in a dish which no kid can refuse to eat. All you need is few sweet potato cubed, brown sugar, eggs, salt, butter, milk, Vanilla extract, all-purpose flour, and pecan. Cook sweet potatoes in oven until there are soft. Mash them in a bowl and mix of the ingredients one by one. Now put the mixture in Casserole and heat it for 30 minutes until the top part turns golden brown. This dish is yummy to eat and healthy too.

Sweet Potato and Spinach Quesadillas:
A healthy tasty treat for those who are dieting and wish to eat something tasty. All you need for this healthy Quesadilla is few sweet potatoes, spinach, sugar, red wine vinegar, onion, peppercorns, salt, black pepper powder, shredded mozzarella, tortilla and olive oil. Cook sweet potatoes until tender. Heat a sauce pan and pour red wine, sugar, salt and bring to boil. Now put sliced onion and let the mixture come to room temperate. Now remove the skin of sweet potato and mash using fork. Mix other remaining spices and salt. Put the mixture on tortilla with spinach and seasoned vinegar onions on top. Now cook this folded tortilla on skillet until it perfectly cooked. Taste best when served hot.

Sweet Potato Pudding:
If you want to flaunt classic cooking style, then Sweet Potato Pudding will be the perfect choice for you. You need few ingredients for this yummy dish. Get a cooking spray, eggs, honey, low fat milk, backed sweet potato mash, vanilla extract, cinnamon, all-spice, pecan, crystalized ginger, and low fat yogurt. Add eggs in a bow and beat till it’s fluffy. Add all the ingredients one by one till the mixture gets thick. Spray cooking oil baking tray and cook the mixture at 350° for 25 minutes. Mix yogurt and honey in a bowl to make a smooth creamy paste. Pour this on pudding while serving to enhance the taste.

So, this festival season, celebrate in healthy way. All these tasty treats are very easy to cook and will taste much better than any other unhealthy snacks.

Check out these fantastic Sweet Potato Recipes we have made video tutorials for: