Taste Crispness of Indian Dosa

They are crispy, light and just melts in your mouth in first bite. I am talking about one of the World’s Most Delicious Food “DOSA”. The best thing about dosa is it compliments with any accompaniments. Dosa is a tradition dish from South India usually served with hot bowl of sambar (lentil vegetable soup) and coconut chutney.

For people who don’t know much about this Indian food, Dosa looks similar to thin crepes made from fermented rice and lentils. Rice and lentils are soaked overnight and then crushed into fine paste. The batter is then kept for few hours for yeast formation. Once it’s light and fluffy, it’s poured on hot flat pan known as tava. The main art is to make the thinnest dosa and not letting it burn. Once you master in creating thin dosa, you can always try the popular versions of dosa which are mentioned below.


Top 10 most popular Dosa.

Neer Dosa: A traditional dish from Karnataka, “neer” means water a term used to describe the thinness of this dosa. Neer dosa is made from fermented rice batter which requires more water and time for specific fermentation.

Pesarattu (Green Gram Dosa): Nutritive version of any food is always good to eat. Andhra Pradesh offers a healthy green gram dosa called Pesarattu which is full of protein, fiber and taste.

Rava Dosa: For all that extra crunch, try rava dosa made from semolina or sooji in local language. The popular version of this variety of dosa is Onion Rava Masala Dosa.

Ragi Wheat Dosa: Love to try anything new then why not try making dosa from ragi flour. This is a less fermented option of traditional dosa but in taste, it will definitely score full marks.

Mini Soya Dosa: Beauties, if you want to look fab without starving, mini soya dosa is perfect option for your breakfast. Made from soya milk and wheat flour, you get fibers that keeps you stomach full and your unhealthy craving locked in place.

Masala Dosa: Bow down to the father of all kinds of dosa, it’s the authentic Masala dosa whose taste never fails to ensnare the person’s senses. A classic version of dosa is a must try for everyone who are going to try South Indian food.

Onion Rava Dosa: Onions can be stinky but you will love them in onion rava dosa with some green chilly on top. This dosa has spice, crunch and is mouthwatering when eaten with coconut chutney.

Cheese Chilli Dosa: One secret ingredient that can make you crave for more is cheese. This is a mind blowing fusion of western flavors in Indian way in very humble Cheese Chilli Dosa.

Kuttu Ka Dosa: No matter what time of year it is, Indians spend at least few days in fasting and offering prayers to God. But, here fasting doesn’t mean quitting food but inventing food that can be eaten in fast. Kuttu ka dosa is made from buckwheat flour and colocasia.
Mysore Masala Dosa: Those who love spicy food should try for the fiery Mysore Masala dosa that is lathered with red garlic paste.