The Full Monty Café: Helping You Start a Day with a Smile

Feeling lack of energy to get the day started? Worried about what lies ahead? Well, what you most probably need right now is a heavy English breakfast.

But this does not mean breakfast from just any restaurant. Rather, you should head to a café serving the full Monty. Visit one of your favorite restaurants to eat like a king as a way of being able to kick-start your mornings. Even at home, however, you can prepare your own full breakfast, although most people no longer consider such as a viable alternative because of their hectic schedules. Wherever you intend it, do not forget to have a satisfying breakfast as this will provide you with the fuel you need to survive the day.

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What is an English Full Breakfast?

Some people call it the full Monty, while others prefer to refer to this kind of meal as the fry up. Regardless of what you call it, however, one of the things you can expect from such would be the fact that it is going to be filling. Regardless of your situation, this meal is sure to add radiance to your day and will allow you to wear a smile the entire day. Like the name implies, it simply means your breakfast is going to be full of different stuff, with each item aiming to give you a unique flavor. Traditionally, this is served during the mornings and reserved for vacations and the weekends. Lately, however, more and more people are having such even on regular days as they are commonly served in your favorite neighborhood café.

What Can You Expect from a Fry Up?

There are different variations with the full Monty, which will basically depend on the restaurant where you are eating, on the region where you are, or simply what is preferred by the one who prepared the meal. Traditionally, some of the essential items on the breakfast plate would include sausage, bacon, and beans, which are also some of the most common ingredients found in traditional British food. More so, your breakfast plate would also often include eggs, chips, tomatoes, and mushrooms. Aside from the food, the condiments are also essential for the fry up, which will generally include vinegar or ketchup. Of course, as it is traditionally British, a cup of tea should not be missed on your breakfast.

If you want to commence your day with a full stomach, do not forget to have the full Monty. In the past, it is a meal reserved to the rich, but is now popular even the average workmen in the country. Head to your nearest greasy spoon café and see what they have in store for you.

 Check out this video and make your own Full Monty English fry Up.