The Organic boom and Ethiopia

Organic Ethiopian Food

Organic chicken, organic eggs, organic beef, organic this and organic that.

The western world is awash with organic products that we all pay a premium on.

Now i am not saying that we should not be buying these products as i believe on the whole they are (should be) better in standard and quality, its just that we seem to have so many of these products and i just wonder how organic they really are.

If you take just England (UK) with its 4 major supermarkets and say one product of organic fresh chicken, the numbers seem to be a little strange.

The major stores have around 4000 outlets in the UK and lets say that each store holds 4 (this i think is far less than they do) organic fresh chickens, that is 16,000 organic fresh chickens a day. Or if you wish 112,000 a week or 448,000 a month.

So that is around half a million Organic Fresh Chickens just to service England (UK) via the major stores a month.

Now of course i may well be wrong in my thinking but this sounds like a huge amount and leads me to ask how organic are they then?

And this is just one product, think about all the other products and add them up then we have a huge figure of organic products.
Then think of all the western worlds countries and times by that.

The number would of course be astronomical.

Organic tin tomatoes or chickpeas?
Again what are these products really. Surely the land that they grow on has to be free of pesticides for a certain amount of time before they are considered organic.

If this is the case then this is a huge amount of land.

I am just not sure how organic all these products are and what deal the public is really getting.

This leads me on to Ethiopia.
I am often in Addis Ababa the capital of Ethiopia and notice that if you want a fresh chicken, then you go and buy one. Fresh meaning it is alive. Now this is what i call fresh. I also presume that they are organic as they nearly always come from a local small holding seller.

The same applies to most products in Ethiopia.
Eggs, milk, beef, vegetables, goat and so on all seem to come from the same local fresh organic root.

I am sure this blog applies to many other countries in the world but i am basing it on Ethiopia due to my experiences.

This is a lesson for us westerners to learn from and to think about where does our food come from, how fresh is it and for sure, how organic is it. It certainly made me think and hope it provokes you to look into this as well.

See you next time,
The Htcg Ethiopia Reporter, Addis Ababa