Weird Food in Bad Taste Part 1

There are some very strange food related knocking about.

In this series we will find a few and post them for you.

Take a look at these four odd stories.

An Italian stripper, Gina Lalapola, was found dead inside a cake she was supposed to leap from at a bachelor party in Cosenza in 1995. She had lain suffocated inside the sealed wooden cake for more than an hour before her death was discovered.

In August 1983 The Times reported that a man living in West Germany had found a human finger in his bread finger-roll.

In 1997 a couple from Carlisle, Craig Wilde and Simone Rooney, found a six-inch bloodstained hypodermic needle inside a half-eaten loaf purchased from a local supermarket.

In 1991 Wang Guang, owner of the White Temple Restaurant in China, built
up a huge following for his heavily spiced Sichuan-style dumplings,
which were stuffed with human flesh.
Over a four-year period the exotic fillings were supplied by Guang’s
brother, who worked as an assistant in the local crematorium. The grim
secret ingredient of the White Temples menu was exposed after police
were tipped off by the parents of a young girl who had died in a road
accident. When they came to cremate her body they discovered that parts
of it were missing.

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