Yod Abyssinia – Restaurant Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Yod Abyssinia restaurant - addis ababa

Probably the most famous restaurant in Addis Ababa due to its stage show. Based in the Bole area of town Yod is a huge open space that could seat i would say around 200 people, if not more.

As you enter via the airport security like metal detector you are greeted and taken to your table. The staff are very friendly and are used to none locals so will explain the menu should have any difficulty. This place is pretty much all about the stage show, This starts around 7.30 every night and goes on until around 10 or 11. The live musicians playing traditional instruments kick off at a slow pace and are soon joined by a singer or two. The dancers then join them and the pace increases. The dance and music covers all aspects and regions of Ethiopia and really is a sight not to be missed.

Yod is open 7 days a week and gets very busy so i would book in advance. The food is good, the service is great and the show is fantastic. It all looks like a real tourist trap made to prize your money away from you and rip you off. But not at all, it is great value for money, full of locals with a super nights entertainment.

Only a fool would miss this as a 'must do' night while in the capital.

Address: Mekanisa, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Phone: +251 11 372 0607


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