Zeret Kitchen – Ethiopian Restaurant in London UK

zeret ethiopian restaurant londonzeret london ethiopian restaurant

Let me start by doing a little a geography of this fine Ethiopian restaurant.

It is in Camberwell a south London area away from the tourist trap areas and not the nicest area in town by a long shot but the people are what make the location great!

The restaurant itself is set in a parade of shops with a council (Government) estate block around it. So if you are looking for fine west end central dining, this is not the place for you at all.

Ok now we have got all that out the way it is remarkable that this little gem has got itself into the top 100 restaurants in London on Trip Advisor.
Now that is no easy thing to do considering that London has over 10,000 restaurants.
So what has caused this Ethiopian eatery to gain such a high grading in a city that boasts some of the best outlets for food in the world? 
I think we have established that it is not its location, it is not a high end super trendy hang out and it does not seem to have any form of gimmick around it.

Well if all the above are true then we have narrowed it down i think to two things.
The food, are yes the thing that seems to to be brushed aside in many reviews while they bang on about the trillion dollars they have spent on the decor or the fact that some super star DJ has eaten there and so on. The other thing may just be the homely friendly atmosphere that makes this place shine when really against all the odds it should not.

A bit about the food. I tipped up at Zeret late one midweek night with a friend and was welcomed as if i was a regular (maybe i look like that super star DJ).
No nonsense whatsoever but a keen eye for detail was very apparent to the service and setting.

The menu arrived as did a bottle of St George Ethiopian beer that I ordered as soon as i sat down. Advice was on hand to guide me through the compact but balanced menu and the order was made.
Now having eaten in many Ethiopian restaurants around the world, i have to say the food was top notch. The Injera was superb as was my wot and tibs. My fellow dinner who is vegetarian seemed very happy with his feats and just to add a Ethiopian food virgin.

So super food, great service with a real homely feel about it all adds up to this eatery deserving its position in the lofty heights of London's places to eat.
Just to add, a beer or two on top of the food and the bill came in at £28 ($43) so not a single complaint from me or my dining partner on any aspect.

A five star rating from me on this without any hesitation what so ever.

Zeret Kitchen
Address: 216-218 Camberwell Rd, London SE5 0ED, United Kingdom ‎
Phone: +44 20 7701 8587